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Multi-Point Nav for Energy Planning



The navigation system helps determine if you have enough energy to get to your destination. It would help if you could add an additional destination to your trip to determine how much energy (or additional time charging) would be needed to go to all points.





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maybe an indication on where you can reach a charging station from your destination
Yes. Want.  I had hoped this would be introduced in 7.0, and now is still not included in 8.0.  I think it is time.
Possibly an option where you can select to end with a certain amount of range/energy left... like on a trip from san diego - bay area as your filling up you can have a setting where you can end the tip with 45% battery so that would be factored in your charging stops and time to charge...this would allow you to really plan your trip... I know you have the round trip factor but that doesn't help at the end on a one way trip type route... (hopefully makes sense)
You also need this if you want to do a round trip. Really an important improvement to make.
Agree. Google Maps has had the option to add multiple points to travel routes for 10+ years. One would think that Tesla could manage this. I would have a lot less range anxiety if this was available.
I concur.  I would appreciate a more flexible and up-to-date set of NAV tools.  How about adding a NAV menu to select the tools I want?  Otherwise, the "Google Earth"NAV display is so engaging that it is almost (and I do mean ALMOST) a distraction.
I am amazed this is only "so-so" on Editor's Desirability. For any trip longer than the battery range you have to use EV trip planner or else Google Maps to find out how far the next part of your journey is, work out the charge you will use for that distance, and check the relevant superchargers. Then redo it all if the nearest one is too far away. And repeat for every next stage.
The current system is only ok if you are doing a one way trip, or able to home-charge overnight.

It amazes me this isn't in the system already.

We did a 500 km trip today and needed to visit 8 locations in a circuit. While we have ZERO Superchargers yet, we have to use the local Chademo network.

We need to be able to input a bunch of locations, and have the map draw a green route line, with it changing color to yellow and then red as the energy estimate depletes. Picking a charge spot along the route could "fix" the route sequentially.

Today we did 3 stops, though we could have easily done it with 2 and even squeeked it with a single stop. Sure would have been great to have it mapped beforehand.
It seems absurd to me that a car of this sophistication cannot cope with more than one destination.

If going from A -B -C, it is no use at all knowing I will have (say) 15% left when I reach B, if the the hearest supercharger from B is 20% further away.

I regularly go from Oxford to Cambridge and then either to London and back to Oxford, or to Birmingham and back to Oxford. I have to put in 'Cambridge", see what % (or rated miles) will be left, then use Maps to see the distance to London and see if that will be enough. Then do the same from London back to Oxford. This is ludicrous.

Yes, I know there's EVtripPlanner, but most SatNav's (and Maps) can cope with multi-destination.

It should also be possible to enter a starting point (ie not where you happen to be) to help with planning.