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Mud Flaps



Offer mud flaps to reduce spray on the rear fenders. They would need to be sized for the lowest suspension setting.


Very cheap at less than £10 per pair at an accessory shop. Should be easily fitted on front and rear.


Moderator: Likely to be left to the aftermarket accessories rather than something Tesla would produce. The author hoped mud flaps would reduce dirt on the rear camera, but most of the dirt occurs due to the low-pressure effect at the rear of the car due to aerodynamics. Mud flaps would have little effect on reducing camera dirt.

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For years Volvos had mud flaps on every car as standard. Probably because of Swedish roads and Swedish weather.
Attach flaps to the lower suspension they stay where they should whatever the height.
I believe mud flaps would impact the aerodynamics of the car and thus the efficiency. Someone would need to check me on that.