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Speed-dependent Pano Roof



It’s great that the car lowers above a certain (now configurable!) speed, and lifts up again when speed falls under a certain limit.

Panoramic roof:
– If panoramic roof is open, it should move to vent position above a certain speed.
– If panoramic roof is open or in vent position, it should close above a certain speed.
– As a bonus, panoramic roof could move into vent below a certain limit.

The suggestion is the result of driving 1,400 km over the weekend. This would model the real world behavior that I noticed while actually traveling with Model S.





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Also should close when going through tunnels -  and then reopen to the previous position when exiting from them!

Bonus would be to also close the re-circulation vent, and any open windows, to preserve the fresh air in the cabin and protect us from our rather more dated ICE cousins.