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More Detailed Trip Meters



The trip meters should show more information, average speed in particular. Ideally, they should also record the accumulated elevation change (separate for up-hill and down-hill).

Update 10/24/2013: Thinking about it, each trip meter should collect the same data as the Google MyTracks Android app: GPS track, speed profile, elevation profile, time in motion, total time, average speed, top speed — plus, of course, total energy, average energy, and the energy profile which should be drawn in the same graph as the speed and elevation profiles and nicely correlate with those.

It should be possible to name, save and send this trip data, so that trips can be exchanged with friends, posted on facebook, or simply be evaluated at home.





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If you've seen average speed values on other cars, it seems rather worthless.  For me, it always sits around 35 MPH, and really doesn't covey anything useful.  Maybe average speed since last charge might be more useful.
Average speed can certainly convey the difference between city driving and highway driving (unless the highway is in the suburbs of LA, but that's a different story). In particular, I'm interested to see the effect of a slightly higher or lower highway speed on range. So yes, this feature is specifically intended to help with long range trips and provide some additional meaning for the kWh numbers that are already there.
Added some additional thoughts to the original suggestion.
A trip log would be useful. Particularly for those using their car for business. Should be able to log ALL trips not just the last one.
what you are looking for looks like the service provided by teslalog.com

but yeah, we should be able to export and analyse our data trips by ourselves directly from the car/app
@Ticket: teslalog.com is a paid subscription while the data my car collects should be free to me.  Also the creator of teslalog needs to fix their homepage.  There are errors in grammar usage like it was done by a non-English speaking person.  It makes me wonder if it's a scam??  By the way, we put the $ BEFORE the amount