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Alert phone when fully charged (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


When the Tesla is fully charged it would be handy to get an message on your mobile via the remote app, text message or email.




Three options are now available alert you when charging has started, was interrupted and when it is complete. See the notifications menu in the app (the 3-bar button in the top-left).

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Seems ideal, especially at supercharging stations.  Would limit waiting time if multiple Model Ses were charging.  Might want to send a notice 5 minutes before charging is complete.
Would be nice to be able to configure for specific locations. For example, a text when I'm charging at work or at a supercharger would be helpful, but a text in the middle of the night when charging at home, not so much.
There are perhaps several related notifications that would be useful, as seen in the Chargepoint app, for example.
@JVU: You can always set your phone to "do not disturb" during the night.
I would like this feature very much, for the Android phone.