GPS Voice Lowers Music Volume



The sound options should have a choice to lower the music volume when the GPS has something to say and bring it back to previous volume after that.


Most phones with GPS already do this.

Right now, the two sound are overlaid, and the only thing we can do is turn the volume during the time the gps talks, so the car gets we set the volume for the gps voice. which is not practical at all.



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Might not be ideal if sound is set to rear seats to entertain the kids.
Nope, that's already fixed : in my MX the nav guidance automatically lowers the music on the driver side
Yup, seems it is deployed also on my Model S :)
I'm going to tack on to this instead of a new idea. Do the same for phone calls. Instead of Muting the GPS, turn it down so you don't miss a turn while talking.
Seems to be difference in experience. My model S still combines the music and voice, and if I'm rocking out, I barely can detect anything was said at all.
a Kallen, the thing is the GPS speaks on the passenger side and has a specific volume.

when it speaks you can change the volume on the steering wheel.

or at anytime on the navigation screen you can tap the sound icon in the directions list
This could be a safety issue and should be implemented.
I'm thinking the music, from what ever the source, should pause because the Navigation is way more important than the music and then resume automatically.  I've had to increase the nav sound to 3 quarters high so as to hear it over the music I'm jamming to.