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Location Aware Driver Profile



Have the driver profile”Park” activated for easy exit when I arrive at my garage, just like Home Link.


Like many others, I define a driver profile for “Park” or “Exit” to ease egress.

Moderator: Perhaps a better solution is just adjust the seat/steering position based on driving vs. parked and exit. See the popular desired feature: Steering/Seat auto adjust on exit/entry



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Sounds good, except for the fact that you will need to be able to have the same "easy" regress, elsewhere, besides at home.
I am assuming you are referring to the Geo Fencing of Home Link?
Wouldn't be a better scenario to have the 'Exit" profile activated by the pressing of the "Park" button?
Better idear that the userprofile have to settings Park and Drive

so you can change the settings for the seat/stearing for when you put the car into park