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Lane Keeping Only Option



Lane keeping works fine when Autopilot is active. Add an option to enable lane keeping only when Autopilot is off.


Audi, in contract, will steer the vehicle back into the lane at all times if you go over a line.

Moderator: We’ve been unable to confirm Audi does this at all times. We suspect it must be an option. If it was enabled at all times, with various problematic lane markings, if such a feature were on all the time, it would likely crash the car.



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I have an A3.  (Diesel :-( )  The feature only works when it senses the pavement lines.  (A yellow alert says when not.)   "Steer" is too strong a word.  "Nudge" would be better.  It is a slight turn of the wheel only.   If you don't like that, how about the option for a more vigorous wheel vibration?
Let’s see, Autopilot in Tesla means Adaptive Cruise Control + AutoSteer.  If we have AutoSteer enabled by itself, no other assist features, you would be accelerating and braking by yourself but steering would keep you in the lane. Doesn’t seem real useful, and if you divert your attention at all, quite dangerous.

There is a lane departure warning that maybe could be improved. As it is I often mistake that little steering wheel vibration for some sort of front-end shake before it dawns on me what it is. I drive some really twisty mountain roads often, and in some parts it is close to impossible to stay within the lanes. I don’t think a “nudge” from the AP system would be desirable. FYI once in a while I try out the AP for that section when I can pay really close attention preparing to take over, and there is a hairpin turn so tight that the AP never makes it, instead goes over the line itself.