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Kick to Open Trunk



Use the rear parking sensor in combination with the detection of the FOB or Phone to open/close the trunk.


Moderator: The parking sensor may be aimed at the wrong direction (outwards, not downward), so an additional sensor may be required, but the cost should not be significant. Ford may have a patent on the concept, which may limit who can offer the feature.



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This adds a sensor on an already expensive vehicle.
I don't think "Software Features" is the appropriate category. You'll need some sort of hardware (sensor) to detect the kick.
the idear is just to use the parking sensors in combination with the key detected by the trunk

If the plan would be to have the trunk or frunk open if I walk behind or in front of the car with my keyfob in my pocket, it would be horrible and I would disable it. The reason the kick sensor works is because you never normally wave your foot under the bumper. But walking around the front or back is too common.
I have the option of opening or closing my trunk with my phone app so why not have an option where you can set a timer.  An hour for example.  So that the next time I walk up to my car the doors unlock like normal but the trunk opens that one time as well.  At that point the app would reset and it would go back to normal.  It would just be a software addition and should be pretty easy for the programmers to do.
radar sensors could be trained to detect a kick movement under the car by combinaiting the data of 2 closed radars.

could be implemented only via software update, great idea!
There is no hardware needed. It could be implemented by visual gesture recognition using the FSD computer by analyzing the the rear camera if the key fob is near.