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Key Fob Linked to Driver Settings (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


When using a specific key-fob, have the various driver settings match the fob. This could include the seat position, mirrors position, music playlist, etc.


The current year BMW M5 and Audi A6 include this feature.

It’s unclear if two fobs are in the vicinity as to which fob would be used.

It is unknown if the current Tesla Fobs are uniquely identifiable, or if the hardware that detects the fobs can identify a specific fob, so it may require both hardware and software.


Implemented in a minor 8.0 update in December 2016.

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Thanks! We've updated the text to include the BMW and Audi fobs.
This feature was actually touted by Tesla in advance of the first deliveries. Upon first deliveries, it came as a surprise that this feature wasn't present (and the door handles did not extend without touching them). They have since updated the door handles to auto-extend, but driver profiles still cannot be linked to the key fob. Seems to be more of a punch list item than a desired feature.
My 2002 Acura MDX has this feature.
The car, sensing the presence of multiple fobs, can ask which one to use.