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Interior Temperature Display



The exterior temperature is shown in the center console. Interior temperature is not. One can see the internal temperature by using the iPhone app, so it’s sensed. It ought to appear in the car too.


Seems few (if any?) car companies include internal temperature. The concern is likely the inside temp is not all that accurate due to significant variations in temperature within different locations within the cabin.  Perceived temperature also varies if the rider is in the sun, windows open, etc.



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I'd like to add that the display has plenty of room for an intuitive view of both temperatures.  Show the exterior temperature on the left.  to the right of that, a thin (1-pixel) line drawing of the side-view profile of the vehicle, with the interior temperature drawn inside the lines.  My sketchup looks like this: rough sketch of exterior and interior temperatures
Echoing the first comment, let's have that same exterior[interior] display in the remote app as well. One gets the interior temperature now (if the car is awakened sufficiently, a separate issue), but not the exterior temperature. Both are relevant to the energy needs of the car once it is underway.
Interior temperature is already displayed in the remote app.  Weather app will tell you the approximate exterior temperature. Since the sensor is already there, show it next to the outside temp display.
I have often wondered why this is not available, greatly agree