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Integration with Waze navigation



The Waze navigation app is different from other solutions in that it integrates information from all its users in real-time. If you don’t know it, you may want to try it. For more information, visit the Waze homepage.


There are Waze apps for Android and iOS. I am not aware of any existing built-in sat nav solutions that integrate Waze.

Integration of Waze in Tesla’s on-board system would require access to GPS and internet, at a minimum. Being able to display the Waze navigation in the instrument cluster (rather than on the touch screen only) would be an added bonus.

Moderator: Note that Google has not made a API available for license, so until one is available, no carmaker can integrate Waze into a car.  It still can be made available via the web.


In the works (Rumor Mill).

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This would be great.  traffic via GPS never seems to be entirely accurate.
Yeah,   please integrate this.
waze is by far the best NAV app out there  I've been hoping for this integration - even suggested it directly to Tesla  We'll see


The ability to have a large screen map was a major attraction for me but the underlying mapping system is poor, lacking many features that have been common in GPS for some years. So anything that improves it gets my vote.
I've really loved the google maps traffic feature and have found it invaluable in avoiding congested roads. I used to use Waze before I got my MS but I don't need it now. Waze was too much trouble to use. All those little bubble car icons made it overly busy, and trying to submit current road/traffic conditions was downright dangerous as it took too many steps and took my eyes off the road. If I waited until I was stopped to submit the info, it was too late because I was past the actual part of the road that had the congestion/accident.

Waze navigation would be fine as an option to select, but I wouldn't want it to replace what's there now.
Some information of Waze could be valuable in the instrument cluster. But don't clutter the UMC with too much information!
Waze on a phone is really too small unless you have the phone mounted on the dash somehow.  On the 17" monitor incorporated into the Nav map would be awsome!
In the mean time can the actual Waze users go to the following site to ask Waze to include the info related to the charging stations in their product. The vote count is very low. Thanks

I am one day from delivery of my Model S. I rely on Waze daily and plan to continue using my phone until Waze is integrated. I believe this is a must.
Another invaluable resource Waze provides is real time traffic including accidents and slow downs. And I didn't see mentioned previously, Waze crowd sources road hazards and speed trap information. Please add it as an approved application that can be used if desired without committing everyone to the service.
Even if the car would switch to Google navigation (Google owns Waze) would be a big win over the current navigation software (which clearly is worse than even my 15 year old car's built-in.  After all, my Telsa Model S wants me to drive on the hiking/horseback trail to get to work - which is both illegal and mostly impossible due to barriers at the ends of the trail.
The Tesla navigation system really sucks.   It suggests driving out of the way to get to a common location and never provides the best route like Waze does.   I always use my Waze app on my phone instead of the Tesla 17 inch map display.   What a shame!   If you can’t implement Waze, get a better navigation system and route planning software.    This is my biggest complaint with my Tesla Model S.  Fix it!
Actually Waze is a much better navigation system than the one on the Tesla. But both systems have the same drawback. You cannot select a road or series of roads where you do not want to travel. You should have the ability to reject certain roads or routes. If we get Waze in the Tesla it will be great especially if we get the routing function that let you select the different routes which are available to you. But even that, does not allow you to illuminate roads which you do not want in your route.
Please add WAZE.  I love this app and should be integrated with GPS.
Not clear why needed given you can run Waze in the car's browser so have best of both worlds with both navigation and Waze info at same time