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Improved Music Track Switching



Currently when the music played from a device or USB drive, when the system automatically changes to the next track, Tesla inserts a 1/2 second silence that can be very abrupt.  This is especially true when playing songs in track order on the same album. Some albums are designed to slide from one track to the next without any pause, and this how all CD players and PC based music players work.

Recommended fix is to have no artificial silence inserted when going between adjacent tracks on the same album, and when they are not adjacent tracks (or going to a different album’s song) provide a fast fade-out, fade in transition or better a slight overlap similar to how all radio stations play songs.


Just a couple of example albums where the between track silence is a big problem:
Achillea, The Nine Worlds
Rick Wakeman, Return to the Center of the Earth



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More examples: Every and all recordings of life events.
iTunes has this ability to play gapless albums.  The car would need to know which albums are "gapless."  Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd, another great example.

I would rather Tesla spend time to give us "shuffle" first, then work on gapless albums.