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Close windows on Exit (Closed)



When the car shuts down (after your exit the car and close the door), close all the windows automatically.  Include an option to enable/disable this feature.


Moderator: Unlikely to occur due to safety concerns – closing window on someone’s arm or a pet hanging out the window.


Likely such a feature is no longer legal in the USA: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

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maybe add that you can close them with the remote (hold down roof button until they are closed)
In summer I like to keep the windows open a bit. It would be great if I could close them from the app (because of a sudden rain) - or even vent (not only the pano) after the rain again.
Perhaps this could be combined with the rain sensor, to close Windows and roof automatical if it starts raining when the car is parked.
Or allow all windows and sunroof to open when approaching the car to help cool the interior on hot days.
would totally be nice.

also, close the roof if rain is detected
Some car insurance companies don't cover damage when the windows were open.
The problem of safely auto-closing windows seems like one worth solving.
Automatic garage doors sense if the motor is straining against an obstacle and will halt and reopen the door in that case. Couldn't Tesla's power windows sense if they're trapping a limb or other object in the window and reverse?

I personally would love a "close all windows upon sensing rain" feature, although I believe running the computer vision A.I. continuously to detect rainfall while parked would place too great a power demand on the 12V battery.

Even just being able to roll up all the windows via the mobile app would be a blessing. Also, they should all roll up automatically when remotely activating climate control.
All my previous cars have had the option to close/open the windows remotely from the key fob!

i.e. hold down the lock/unlock button on fob.


I was very surprised that my Tesla could not.
How about then a warning ? I can close them myself if the app tells me👀

Happened to me so many times, I'm actually fortunate nothing got stolen. Also maybe add the feature to the phone.
The windows won't close on your arm... stick a magazine in there if you want to check.
What about notification in the app 3 minutes after you have locked your car but windows are still open?
+1 for notification on App if you walk away and window(s) are down. Give option in app to close the windows by holding down a button.