Diagram of Power Useage



Offer a graphical view of each item that draws power and the amount of power that is being consumed.


I for one have taken my 60KW Model S down to “Your car is shutting down” and then subsequently pulling over to the side of the road to where ever your momentum takes you. It was done once for my personnel testing the actual “shut off “point and once for not getting it quite right. And by the way, it really sucks when you have to get towed or run a long extension cord.

So with all that, I’d like to see a detailed graphic of every power draw in the car. Lights, radio, AC, power shocks, battery fans etc. I’d think this would be great if managing your power is paramount. Now I know there is a energy use icon on the screen. I’m just asking for more detail.

Moderator – use of most items – lights, radio, fans, shocks, is so small as to have little effect to range. The AC and heat can consume more power, perhaps 20% in extreme conditions.  Battery heat can also consume considerable power, but that is not optional (i.e. heating the battery to provide optimum range and performance).



entered 4-Jan-2017