Front wheel drive option for MX



Offer a software selectable drive operation to disable the rear motor unless both front wheels slip.

Benefit will be added range under driving conditions that don’t require all wheel drive.


Editor: It’s unclear what options will be available, how AWD will work, and how such changes will affect efficiency and safety on the Model X, so this is a bit premature.



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I'm pretty sure the engineers wil optimize for range a lot better than I'll bother to do in the settings. From ten years experience of driving electric cars, it turns out that the best way to increase range is to drive economically. There's way more to gain there than by any small configurations offered in any car today.
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I would not presume to know more about EV drivetrain efficiency than Tesla engineers. I'm not sure why anyone else would either? Especially for a car that isn't available yet...

I do think that an EV with a motor for each axel will be a completely different animal than an ICE car with one engine for two axels.
The car isn't available yet so you might get what you want when it's released.  if not then submit a request to ownership for a programing change.  I've seen it done with the S.