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Front Charge Port



What if the charge port was beneath the “T” in the front of the car or near the driver door?  Garage charging would be considerably easier to implement and backing your car in would be a thing of the past.  Except for superchargers, all public charging stations are in the front, requiring you to back your car in…including the ones at Tesla dealerships with the wall mount chargers.


Nissan Leaf and i3 both charge from the front of the car.

Garage situations will always vary by placement of the connections, such that what is ideal for some will be poor for others.  With the long HPWC cords, they easily reach to the current port even if mounted in the front of the space, an driving the car in face first.

Moving the charge port to the front would require a significant design change, as the chargers are under the back seat, so thick large charging wires would need to run from the front inside to the rear.



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Generally speaking, reversing into a park place is a good discipline because the cars parked near to you when you come to exit might have changed and make reversing out very difficult
I think wherever you put the charge port you're going to make one group or another unhappy. I've been backing into my garage for a year because of where I had to put my power outlet. I thought would be a pain but I got used to it.
I find reversing in (to anywhere) to be much safer than reversing out, it offers far greater viability when it's time to exit wherever you are.