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Front Camera for Parking



A front camera, similar to the same HD camera as in the back would resolve almost all issues with parking sensors. It’s not the same but could help a lot, particularly to avoid scratching the front bottom.


Would involve the cost of a camera and some kind of video switcher and a bit of software. We estimate the retail cost to be less than $200 if produced in high-volume and integrated into the Model S. Seems quite doable. One concern is how to keep the front camera clean from bug hits and dirt.


One third-party front camera solution is available at TMC, which displays on the Tesla screen.  Parts cost is about $450.

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There could be a small cover that only opens when driving at low speed.
For front, only needs to show stuff below the line of sight. A mirror on the bottom of the Tesla logo might give a camera the right view..
Mercedes s class uses it with night vision to detect moving objects, for lane departure and other stuff. It very much doable and should be able to bring in lot more feature if this car have a pair of eyes(camera) in front.
This would be GREAT.  Even if I could add the parking assist to the car ($ and offered), it would be tough to tell me when I'm about to roll into a low curb in a parking spot.  A camera would show me EXACTLY where I am, just like I do with the rear camera backing into spaces now.

How would you tell the car to display the camera?
Since I got one of the original Model S' it would be awesome to have a front camera...because they are not offering a retrofit for parking sensor option.  Hope this one comes to fruition!!!
I have this on my Raptor. It's great for pulling into the garage where it's a tight fit. It could be disabled at speeds above 5mph or so.
There is a front facing camera in current models (March 2015), but not available for viewing in any way AFAIK. But cost of this should be software update only at this point AFAICT.
Recently had a $1300 repair bill that could have been avoided with a front camera. I hit a low wall that the front ultrasonic sensors could not see.
I'd like a birds eye view of the car as there is in other high end vehicles. This could be done with a camera on the front and tucked in the door handles which would extend when the view was required. A bit expensive but would be a really nice feature particularly with the big screen!
At least enable all existing cameras to be visible from the touchscreen or dash.
I think "cross traffic" cameras ( in the front and rear for exiting a cross street or backing out of a driveway or 90 degree parking space) would be handy, too.
Something that shows if the front of the car is about to touch the curb, tire-catcher,etc.
I think this is a good idea. Related feature: recently rode in a Honda SUV that had a side camera on right when the right blinker is activated. That is a really good idea to avoid lane change accidents!!
I sit low in the passenger "tub" and do have a hard time seeing the nose of the car and and frequently park shallow into a space for fear of banging the leading lip. At home, I put a strip of white tape on the floor that shows on the rearview camera when I've cleared the garage door. But I can't see the front. And this does not work anywhere other than my garage. There has got to be a solution for this - beyond my engineering, but not beyond group-think.
have a sensor identify and automatically beep and engage camera when about to hit a low object, insanely high parking curbs, kids toys etc.
I can't believe a pro-active company like Tesla didn't put one facing camera standard like the back one. Sometimes I parked my car 2-3 feet from the front sidewalk just in case because I really don't want to destroy my front bottom...
This would be very helpful
There is a front parking camera on the basic Nissan Leaf and why is not there one on the Tesla models?

This is the absolute top priority for Model S improvement according to my wife.   And I agree.