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Fold Flat 2nd Row Seats in X (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


Offer an option or different seat design to fold the second row seats down flat on the Model X, so the cargo space can accept very large items.


A common feature in many other SUVs.


Now implemented when purchasing the 7 and 5 seat configurations (June-2017).  The 6-seat configuration does not fold down, but offers 2nd row individually adjustable bucket seats.

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This would add the utility of having full or partial volume capacity in the rear of the Model X when one, two or all three of the second row of seats are folded down in addition to the third row seats. This is what was shown in the prototype reveal in February 2012 and was lauded by the CEO at the time.
Now available, can change status to implemented
This is available in the 7 seater configuration, but not yet available in the 6 seater config. Please consider marking this as not fully implemented yet.