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Fan Speed Slider



Offer a slider to set the fan speed.


Currently in V9 (2019.12.1.2), to change fan speed, you must tap the HVAC button, followed by repeated taps on the +/- buttons to set your desired fan speed. This is especially true for the Model 3, as Model S/X owners at least an option to customize their scroll wheel behaviors.

Since temperature and volume are easily adjustable via sliders with only a single swipe, it would make sense to do the same with fan speed. Less menus, less taps, more safe/convenient!

This could be implemented by changing the behavior of the already existing HVAC button. Currently, holding the button turns the fan off – this could be changed so that when you hold the button it would bring up the slider instead. Hold + swiping left would then turn off the fans.

Moderator: Slider removed in v9 per other requests: https://teslatap.com/questions/fan-speed-buttons/

Edit: In response to moderator comment – I hope you don’t mean to invalidate this request because of a previous request. That request originated in 2014, before the Model 3 came out and before even V8 came out. The UI design was significantly different and it might have made more sense back then. Also the request you linked was hoping for “just one tap and this ramps up to the desired speed.” The current design language does not do even this, as it still requires multiple taps to reach your desired speed.




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This feature makes much more sense to mE

As it stands we can vary the temperature with a swiping motion so it makes sense to do the same thing with the fan

Less driver distractibility
Please, please, please give us a heater off button. Or better yet give us a mode with 2 temp sliders like the Nest, with a low setpoint where the heater comes on and high setpoint where the AC comes on.

My range would be from 58-72, so any cabin temp in this range there would be no heat and no AC used, only Vent if I so desired.

This would save tons of energy worldwide, and save accidents for people fiddling with the HVAC controls while driving / Autopilot not enabled.a
I've recommended often why not follow the process on the Nest Thermostat (Thank you Nest/Google). It knows when you are home and learns your normal routines. Works with other non-normal routines as well due to sensing your presence...

Everything on the M3 is sensored.... why not use it!  I think many of the controls should be scroll wheels vice sliders - scroll are more accurate and repeatable.
Also a slider function for the seat heaters, alike.