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Fan Speed Buttons (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


Instead of a slider for fan speed, I think buttons would be better. Just one tap and this ramps up to the desired speed. Many times I hit a bump while sliding or totally miss the slider button


Software change.


Implemented in v9.

Category: Tags: entered 6-Jun-2014


This could be useful for most sliders, including the equalizer and other adjustments.  Just make the ends of the slider(s) tappable +/- areas or something.
On a related note, are you aware that you could set the right thumb wheel on the steering wheel to adjust fan speed? If you are the type who likes to adjust fan speed manually (I leave it on automatic, anyway) then maybe that setting could serve you well.
Added in V8.0 of the software.
Actually, we may NOT need buttons, but touching the slider in any spot would instantly change the speed to that selection. Putting in button would just clutter things up.