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External Phone Antenna



To increase network signal, avoid radiating passengers and reduce the annoying feedback of mobile transmissions in the audio system an external antenna with adapter for various mobile phones would make a great feature.


Moderator: Very few (if any) phones provide an option for external antenna, so it may be impossible to offer this feature. We’re unaware of any car that currently offers such a feature.



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Is this actually false advertisement from BMW?


" In addition, it provides a connection to the roof mounted telephone antenna on your car for improved cellular reception."




There are cellular repeaters that amplify the signal. I have one made for cars made by Wilson though it includes a device you clip on to the back of the phone.

At home I have a Verizon picocell that acts like a pico cell tower to transmit the voice and data over a standard internet connection. It also requires GPS for e911 purposes and I am guessing for timing.