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Easier Phone End Button (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


During a call, I find it difficult to quickly find a button to end the call.  An incoming call puts up an alert to answer the call, and that’s very helpful.  But the phone app does not come front-and-center on the display.   The current method to implement this is challenging:  press right top button on steering wheel, roll scroll-wheel menu to choose “end-call” (it’s not the default, and not always easy to roll and hit) and click the scroll wheel (without rolling more by mistake and choosing “Hold” or “Mute”).

Suggestion #1: Assign the lower-right button on the steering wheel the “End Call” function. The on-screen display is already in a Phone app display… it’s intuitive that the buttons would act on the phone.

Suggestion #2:  During a call, bring up the phone app on the 17″ display. If the phone app appeared automatically, this reduces to one single tap, just like you had to answer the call.

I do this today, manually, by pressing the phone app during the call, so I have access to the End Call button.  My suggestion #2 is easy to implement and makes the Model S more intuitive.

“Why not just wait for the other party to hang up first?”  Sometimes they don’t.  And sometimes you’re calling customer service, or wrong numbers, etc.  There is a need.


Smaller displays on other cars take over the entire display for the phone call. With Model S, just display the phone app on half the screen.


Now a click on the left scroll can immediately end a call when a call is in progress. Implemented in 6.2 or 7.0?

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Good idea.
The button on the right side of the steering wheel (the one you press and hold for voice commands) just needs a tap to bring up end call.  The same button also lets you view your recent call list which you can scroll to find a recently call number.
Agreed.  I've recently figured out that a "double-click" on the top right thumb button will end the call. I would like to withdraw this suggestion, but can't figure out how. ;)