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Keep App Buttons Option



Provide an option to never hide the app buttons and top notification bar.


In version 8.0, it is always automatically hidden by the map and requires an extra tap to get to the apps and see the entire notification bar.



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How about hiding them being an option?
I don't understand why Tesla did this. I think the Map is just fine without the  .875" more of  screen real estate, traded away for an extra tap and extra second of eyes off the road.

Please provide us the option of disabling the "hide taskbar" function.
Agree with other comments so far. I really dislike this change and would always like to see the 'buttons/icons'
I wholeheartedly agree with all the comments above. Tapping the display to make the apps appear takes your eyes off the road for a second, which is safety problem. Please, please allow it to be an option to keep the apps always visible.
Yes, agree, this should be implemented!
yup, would be great
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