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Edit Favorite Locations on PC



When logged into the Tesla website, allow creating favorite locations on a PC rather than in the car.


I’ve spent many hours sitting in the car setting favorite locations and would much prefer to be able to edit these settings on my PC, at home, using a keyboard rather than sitting in the car using the touch screen.

Being able to sync a list of Favourite Locations with a gmail / google maps account would be even more useful!



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It would make total sense to log into your Tesla account and change and/or edit your settings. It will then be uploaded to your car. This will make it webbased.
Not only Favorite Locations, but all the other Driver-Selectable settings.  I so want to do so many things while in the house or at work that www.teslamotors.com/my account doesn't allow.
being able to plan navigation routes on the PC and have it already loaded and ready when you get in the car could also be useful.