User Swappable Battery



Redesign the concept of electric driving so that the owner/driver can switch the battery/batteries himself. Put the empty batteries in an external charging station, and put the charged batteries back in the Tesla.

In case the battery is too large at the moment, put more but smaller batteries.
It’s the same principle as e.g. charging AA or AAA batteries.

Additionally: change the super chargers so that an external battery can be charged at the same time as the car.



This would have many advantages:

– Double the range (if you go for a long ride, you can take extra charged batteries in the trunk)

– Charge battery during the day (e.g. with solar energy) while this is not possible now (arriving home when it’s dark)

– Easy to replace batteries in case of battery issues

Moderator: Interesting idea, but not too practical with 1300 lbs of batteries.  Dividing it into 20 sub-batteries still means 65 lbs per battery – more than most owners can deal with every day.  Making the weight lighter requires even more sub-batteries. Each sub-module needs  safety switches both in the car and the module adding significant costs. Then the plumbing (for heat/cooling) becomes more complex with 40 liquid valves the car and two in each battery sub-module. Enhanced connectors are also required to allow multiple removal/insertions.



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This "feature" was obviously added by someone who is not familiar with EVs and thinks an EV main traction battery is like the 12-v starter battery in an ICE car. Maybe the moderator should simply delete it from the list.
It was prototyped and demonstrated by tesla but they abandonned the concept for cost reasons if I recall well. They are now focusing on faster charging supercharger v3 who would do a full refill in around 10 min.

But no data about when. Soon.
while we are add it, can we also add some solar panels and a wind turbine :-/