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Fast Access to All Heater Controls



Make steering wheel heat, rear seat heat and wiper heat a two touch operation by adding them to the HVAC auto screen.

Right now to enable the heated steering wheel, wipers, or the rear seats, you have to tap Controls, then find the Cold Weather section, then find the right icon.


Some other vehicles with heated steering wheels have a button on the wheel, which makes it easy to enable to disable the heat as needed.  It’s silly to require so many steps for something that you would normally be doing while driving.



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Fully agree. It would be great to have easier access to the Cold Weather options.
Please, please, please give us a heater off button. Or better yet give us a mode with 2 temp sliders like the Nest, with a low setpoint where the heater comes on and high setpoint where the AC comes on.

My range would be from 58-72, so any cabin temp in this range there would be no heat and no AC used, only Vent if I so desired.

This would save tons of energy worldwide, and save accidents for people fiddling with the HVAC controls while driving / Autopilot not enabled.a