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Driving Emergency Alerts



If there is an emergency ahead, alert the driver. This could include fire, extreme weather, accidents, road closures, etc.


My husband was recently driving south on highway 5 with our daughter and ended up stopped in the area that was overrun by the Delta fire. Fortunately, he had the sense to turn around early. After he got out of there, he asked my daughter to text me to find out where the fires were so he could avoid them and I told him about the California Fire Map and sent him a link.

It would be great if Tesla could somehow know about major hazards like this and alert the drivers earlier what’s going on and to turn around. Because other drivers were not as fortunate and had to abandon their cars and run for it. Fortunately everyone survived, but some vehicles on the I5 burned down to the ground.



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yes it would be nice if the radio would broadcast any RDS-TA/TP events
it should be trivial as it already has support for RDS

Please use the standard warning signals of Tesla and not try to mimic sirens of emergency services for two reasons. These sounds differ from country to country. When a siren is used in the car and a real siren is outside, that can confuse the driver in how to react.