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Improve Blind Spot Indicator (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


Move the tesla vehicle image higher on the screen, keep the shadows of the vehicles in front and add car images in the blindspot rather than yellow arcs.


I really like the shadows depicting the cars in front of me, but they are not very useful. The yellow/gray warning blindspot arcs are not too accurate, this would enhance the blindspot warning indications.



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I think a more robust warning is better and easily accomplished.  Why not give a visual and (maybe 0ptional) audio alert if the turn signal is on and there is a vehicle in a dangerous position?  I have AutoPilot that already judges a safe lane change.  Why not use that capability for an alarm when AP is off ?   (Might as well do left and right lane changes.)
To add a robust blind spot detection capability, I think Tesla needs to add two radar transducers, one at each rear corner of the car.
Adding sensors is obviously hardware and likely won't happen plus won't help current owners.  I again propose my solution:  visual/auditory warning triggered by turn signal and car in blind spot (or also on the left.)    Editor, please comment.
I agree with Isusnow.   a great idea, and the hardware is already there.  just a firmware update [after a thorough engineering safety check] away from implementation.  Bring it on.
Blind spot audible alert is sorely lacking when not using auto pilot.  It should be available all the time in every driving situation.  I'm also surprised the side view mirrors don't have the visual alert that most other manufactures have adopted.