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Downhill Assist Control



In slippery/snowy conditions a downhill assist control is proven to stabilize a car when descending a steep slope. The all wheel drive option is definitely a major support going uphill, but no additional improvement when descending! That’s why there are some roads in the alps which are closed in winter for cars without all wheel drive when going up – but for descending all cars are required to use snow chains.

Especially the heavier weight of cars like a Model S is a major disadvantage in conditions like steep slippery (downhill) slopes.


Probably a software update might be enough to implement this feature.

Editor: The Model S already has stability and traction control (which works significantly better than ICE cars). It’s possible it is already in the same league as ICE Downhill Assist.

Some Toyota SUVs offer Download Assist Control, but we didn’t see any other manufacturer offering it. This may mean it’s protected with patents.



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