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Display Instantaneous kW, Watt Hours per Mile (Wh/m) on Speedo



While it is great to see the total instantaneous kW output and the graph of Wh/mi, it would also be useful to see the current Wh/mi right on the speedo console. Also, to see how much energy is being used when you’re not driving (i.e. from environmental controls, etc), it would be good to display kW numerically since the gauge graphic doesn’t have adequate precision.


Should be a no cost software change.



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Put the trip display in the instrument cluster. It displays wH/mile since last charge and for trip A & B. Am I missing what was really requested?
Kim, I think he's talking about a numeric version of the orange/green swing gauge, or the "now" value of the point on the energy graph...  we can see the average Wh/mile on the graph,  and we can see the instant miles of range... but not instant Wh/mile.
I would also like to see how much energy is being used when you’re not driving!
This info could be put to the right of the speedo where that silly energy graph is currently displayed.  That orange graph is really useless, and you can view it on the touch screen anyway if you're obsessed with seeing it.