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Display Current Elevation



Google API provides this information and there are times when it would be convenient/useful/interesting to see it in the Nav or other screen.  When doing “advanced energy planning” it can also come in handy.


Not a big one, but still nifty and different. Should be no cost.



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...and you could intergrate the altitude to the homlink selection menu. the menu pops up everytime I drive on a up/down ramp in my parking lot.
The GreenRace range estimator takes Googles terrain elevation data into account (among many other parameters) to project energy usage for a given route. It also does support the Model S, just click on the "Add a vehicle" button.
This number is already there in the telemetry.. just display it with some screen real estate, next to the temperature and time on the dashboard.
This would be a "Set you apart" feature because no other care offers it.
EVTripPlanner will be launching an in-car Nav companion app that will run in the browser.  Among other things, it will show Rated Miles to Next Charger (conventional or super) and your destination and current elevation. I will feature real-time re-routing based on current location and traffic conditions. In the meantime, make sure to check out the Route Energy Planner newest version at http://EVTripPlanner.com/planner !
Displaying the slope together with the existing energy graph would help drivers understand the impact of going uphill or downhill on power consumption. It could help improve our driving efficiency.
Elevation readout would greatly help in interpreting energy use data and estimating range. If Wh/mi reading seems higher than normal is this due to headwind? A low tire? Or just a subtle climb? I've had a number of occasions where I've started to sweat making the next Supercharger when the Wh/mi reading starts to increase for no apparent reason. In most cases, it turns out to be a very gradual climb. Would be nice to know that as its happening.
Suggestion: Add an optional display to the right or leftside of the instrument panel showing Heading, Speed, and Elevation. Or, add Heading and Elevation to the top center of the instrument panel where now only the speed is displayed. There is plenty of room.
And while we're at it, add graphs showing the elevation profile for each trip meter, as well as one for the current route (if routing).
Elevation (on only a few meters) could also be used in navigation when a road is on top of another road that is in a tunnel. Tesla can't handle these road very well and messes up the navigation.

Yep.  I just took a huge roadtrip in my MS.   Since I'm constantly watching my range, efficiency and distance to the next supercharger, elevation is a big variable that's not displayed for us.  I shouldn't have to keep my smartphone running with an elevation displayed when the Tesla should be able to just show it to me.   So simple, yet...
yesss. it's free, its a data provided by GPS !