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Disable mirror darkening in reverse



Several users have reported problems with darkened review mirror when backing up in a dark environment. Typically backing into/out of their driveway when lamps are disturbing the mirror causes it to be hard to see what’s going on around the car. An option to disabling the darkening of the mirror while backing up should be part of the settings.


Turning the fog light on while backing up might also improve visibility, since the one light currently used is a bit weak.  (Not sure why the front fog lights can help rear view visibility – Editor).



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Could make this item more general, for instance: "Improve visibility when reversing in low light conditions".  Other improvements could for instance include turning fog light on when "R" is engaged, and/or increasing the brightness of the lights that come on during reverse driving.
I would even say lighten it up some on either side mirror that has a turn signal engaged
in respond to the MODERATOR:

turning on the fog lamp adds an additional light - well it is red,  but still better than just the single reversing light.

Maybe it is worth to add, that there is a difference between US- and EU-version (see also link)