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Voice to Text



Adaptability to Dragon Dictate or some other software to dictate would be good. This could be used to send email, text message and create short notes.


Moderator: Currently the Tesla has a very limited amount of memory – used for maps, caching and other tasks. Because of this, apps such as this that use significant memory and CPU power may be impossible to engineer back into the current hardware design.  Dragon Dictate also requires far more processing power than exists in the Tesla (or any car) as it’s designed for higher-end PC desktops.



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The memory/CPU limitation can be overcome by performing the voice-to-text in the cloud, as done with the limited voice commands available today.
Couldn't Tesla increase the memory?

I would like to see some button feature to integrate/launch my iPhone Siri and play the response through the speakers.  Also to use the iPhone "Speak" command to play through the speakers.
Implemented to some extent in V 8.0.