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Delay Music/Screen Off at Exit



When exiting the car, delay the music/screen shutdown for 20 seconds or so. Also keep the music and HVAC active if any occupants remain in the car if the driver exits.


Currently the music and screen immediately turns off if all doors are closed and the driver is not in the car. If you go through another door a few seconds later to retrieve something, everything starts up again.



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Any passenger in the car just needs to touch the display and the car will keep the systems on (AC) unless the doors are opened and closed
I agree, as high tech as our cars are, simply check the passenger seat belt activation switch. If it is 'made', keep the HVAC active and the radio "on".
nice idea, that is annoying that after my wife sits in, and i setup my baby to go to the driver seat, the music stops despite having people inside.

a delay would be welcome if there is someone detected on one of the seats.