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Hard Button for Bug Report



Rather than only having the voice command “Bug Report”, also include a hard-button option/combination to trigger the bug report recording and screen snapshots.  For example, press the left steering top and bottom buttons at the same time.


Currently there is a voice command for recording a bug report – an awesome feature in a car and one of the innovations that is making Tesla GREAT! – but, voice command is unreliable. I sometimes have to repeat a command three times … which is bad enough when asking for a song title, but when it means repeating a bug report I’m more likely to give up after two tries than not.

Given the importance of being able to make quick timely bug reports, it is justified and very useful to have a dedicated key combination for recording a voice note bug report… e.g. bottom left + upper right, or something like that which isn’t already assigned to a different function …

To solve the problem I’m investing in elocution lessons, but fixing the bugs in my accent is proving costly and time consuming, and may ultimately fail altogether any time my kids are arguing in the back of the car about which track to play on rdio.



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The entire voice command system needs a complete overhaul.  It is very unreliable.
If a bug is serious enough that it is impossible to report using in-car automation, it's time to call Tesla Service.
It would also deal with my recent situation where I couldn't record a bug report because the communication link was down in a well served area (the bug I was trying to report!).