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Customized Summon



Offer option for summon to learn a more complex extry exit where turning is required.


Currently, the car moves in a straight line only when summoned.  This is useless for me when I summon the car from the garage.  In order to back out so that I can pull forward out of my driveway, I need to maneuver the car in an “S” turn, first right and then sharp left and then stop short of hitting the house.



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does it required only AP1.0 for that?
yes! I would love to have a teaching feature that would allow the car to repeat a maneouvre.

I would think rather than teaching it a path, they would just use the GPS to determine where to summon to. So if you're at the front door and the Tesla is in the garage and you hit Summon button, Tesla realized it can't go much forward, left or right so back is the direction to go (or realizes based on Home location from GPS that it is in the garage) and therefore backs up in the direction of most amount of space. It would then maneuver in whatever way it deemed best based on openness of area around it (using sensors) in order to drive towards the GPS location of the Summon. It would also use GPS and fleet learning of places Teslas have been to know how it can get to it's destination (compared to the sensor data)
Yes! Like teaching a robot. A kind of site-specific extension of summon that says to the car, "Do that thing I taught you here."
Would be great if the car could learn some defined places like "Home" or "Work" a bit better. E.g. I live in a multi family house where we share a biggrt parking garage of 20 lots. I have a specific one (this is a very common situation in Europe) for my car. Procedure is always the same. It should be easy for the software to learn how to get in and out of the lot. Also it should be able to auto-open the garage door when being engaged.