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TACC Learns From Driving



When driving  it would learn your style of driving and use that to closer mimic how you drive when TACC (Traffic Aware Cruise Control) is active


The driver would select a learning mode and, when using a feature like TACC the car detects how the driver reacts to traffic in front of the car, when he/she responds to slowing traffic, how quickly he/she reacts to a car that cuts in between the Tesla and the vehicle being tracked, how he/she reacts to a tracked vehicle that exits, etc. when the driver is satisfied that the car has gained enough experience, the resulting data is recorded as part of the driver profile. The driver may then select standard TACC or customized TACC.

Moderator: As a bonus it shouldn’t record crash events 🙂



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I like your thinking but I've a gut feeling there is something that will prevent this not from a technologically possible angle but instead from a liability angle.  Still, I think your idea has merit.
v7.0, will have some of this 'learning', capability