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Crowd-source EAP/FSD



Crowd-source EAP/FSD raw inputs to Tesla.

Moderator: While unconfirmed, it is believed Tesla is already getting AP raw inputs on an as-needed basis.


The slow progress with EAP and long wait for FSD are frustrating for many. Getting to Elon’s objective of 10 times safer than a human driver may take years. I suspect there are many enthusiasts who would love to contribute their effort and talent to the project. Perhaps Tesla could set up a ‘Common Task Framework’ via GitHub or Azure ML

If they provide a way to download a recording of all raw inputs (and geolocation plus timestamps) over a short time interval, crowd-sourcing could help get it done faster. The recording could be manually triggered in a situation that is not handled well by EAP, and later uploaded via the owner’s WiFi to a dedicated server. Recording and uploading could be controlled through the Tesla App. Only the owner could download or grant access to the recording.
Tesla would provide details of the data structure as recorded, format for submitting proposed improvements, and perhaps define tasks (including selected user suggestions), specifications (and rewards?). Incentives could include public recognition, a job interview, free supercharging, free service, free EAP / FSD, a car 😊.

Moderator: One concern is the risk to Tesla that bad data is provided knowingly or unknowingly by a bad actor. This risks of this may preclude any but highly vetted users.  Tesla may also have enough employees to handle this entirely in-house.

Keep  in mind getting data is only a very small part of the development, likely under 1% of the effort. The hard work is processing the data into test cases, and writing the software to handle various scenarios without affecting other prior work.


Unknown. Likely already implemented in some part.

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