Cubby Cover



Offer a cover for the cubby below the display.


When we enjoy some nice acceleration everything in the cubby under the display flies out!

EVannex offers a third party solution: CubbyCap.



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The whole centre console needs rethinking, as it is now it is completely wasted space, you can't put anything there that won't that go sliding around, you can't leave anything in the tray while you're parked because it is on full view to anyone walking passed, oh and where are the USB ports for connecting an iPod or charging your phone again...?
Well, EVannex no longer sells them unless you purchase their center console.
Tesla Drawer makes a slide out drawer that fits into the cubby.
Amazon -
$44.89 is cheaper than $280.00
Just do a search for these trays, they can be the drawer or cup type
By the way, you can use the 'Command' cord clips for a trash bag holder.
Attach the clip, using the damage free system by Command, directly below our cubby space and the you can then use the small trash bags, like the ones we use to get at the car wash! Also be creative and use the decorative bags from the Arts & Crafts stores
I agree.  There has got to be a way to solve this.
Implemented in the current Model S.