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Close Windows/Roof from FOB (Closed)



Press the FOB three times to close all the Windows and Roof.




Tesla used to offer this feature back in 2012-2013.  It is no longer legal in USA: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

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I voted for this, but in most cases, I think I'd be happy for this to be a function within the mobile app as an alternative.
Same thought. enable these features from the mobile app, not the fob.
Total agree, most important to get this feature, doesn´t matter from fob or app.

Don´t like to return, when I leave the car an see, that the windows are down.
And open them.
I would really like to see Tesla add the rain sensor to a 'Global', Windows up function on the fob. Also,if this were to be included in the app, you could check on the windows as well !! for those who are activating the fob buttons, from their pants  (shame on you),
I think it would work better through the app than the fob, but a good feature either way.
On my last car I could open the windows and the sunroof with the remote control ( key ) by prolonged pressure on the open / close button to open or close the vehicle .
It would be ideal if this feature could also be for my MS integrated in the remote control key.
and the doors in a MX with 3 clicks. Currently this requires 1 click that is vulnerable to accidental pocket click
See also https://teslatap.com/questions/window-close-on-rain/ and https://teslatap.com/questions/have-all-the-windows-close-when-the-car-shuts-off/