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Charge Time for Supercharger In Use



If all the superchargers are in use, it would be nice to get an idea how long it may be until one is available. While we can’t guess what an owner may be doing or how long they may take, in most cases, when the car is charged, the owner will return.

The change would allow any Tesla owner with a FOB to press the supercharger cable button on anyone’s car. The inside instrument display would appear, just like when an owner sees it, and leaves it up for 30 seconds. That allows another Tesla owner (but only another Tesla owner) to get an idea when the car should be done charging.

For someone who is really concerned about privacy (I can’t think why) this option might have a control setting to allow/disallow, but I think that would not be necessary.

A plus would send the owner a SMS or the app a note that someone checked the time left, presumably because they are waiting to get a slot.


A fairly simple software only change.



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I can see where you are coming from but there should really be better ways to achieve the same and more. For a start, this information should be available for every supercharger that is displayed on the Model S' screen or app, allowing to check in advance without having to physically show up at the supercharger site.
also if you when on site can add you car to the queue of waiting cars

you will then get a notify on your screen/phone when it will be available

this mean that if ther is 3 cars wating you can go inside and shop/wait and then it is your turn come out wait shortly for the other car to clear the charging bay

this also mean that a driver aproching know that there are 3 cars wating for a charger and can then drive on to the next location (if posible)

if you leave ther area before charging your car will remove it self from the list
It would be much better to have the Model S send an SMS to its owner when the charge is done, and encourage owners to do the right thing and move their car when charged enough.