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Charge based on departure time



Charge timer option to automatically start charging based on user-set departure time.   Perhaps program different departure times for each day of the week like the Chevy Volt.


Volt and Leaf have this feature.  This would be a nice firmware update to provide to all owners.



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Yes, Yes a thousand times yes.   This is particularly beneficial in cold weather or when range charging.
Also should be able to set charge level and cabin temp.
Could even be tied to your calendar entries especially if travel times are included in the calendar.
Yes 10000 times ... There's a video of Elon at a Town Hall meeting with Tesla customers in Belgium (I think it was in Belgium anyway) where he agreed that charging (along with preconditioning and airconditioning) should be timed to be ready at a set time (e.g. in your calendar).

I would really appreciate having a charging feature where I could set the car to charged itself up to the set level (e.g. 100%) at a set time!  Best if this set time could be configured (and changed) in the mobile App.

Control of the a/c would be a nice plus.  I don't always remember to turn on the a/c when I'm finishing a meeting at work, or rushing the kids through breakfast ...
agreed.  I think this would be most useful when charging to 100% for a road trip and we are warned to not let it stay at 100% for too long. Therefore, I find myself the night before a trip doing the math to figure out when to start charging and at what Amperage to be ready 1hr before our planned departure time.
It IS a computer on wheels, so why not have the advantages of a computer made available to us? When looking at PM electrical rates, we could take advantage of them and also, make sure the battery was finished at the correct time.
Fully agree. For now, we charge till 'daily charging level' at night, but have to get up earlier just to change charging level to max before departure. Great feature, would be very thankful !