Cameras For Outside Mirrors



Replace the side mirrors with cameras so it avoids any blind spots.

Monitors could be placed on both sides of the speedometer, so checking them wouldn’t involve any head movement. If designers want to get even more creative, perhaps they can be made user adjustable, with individual settings saved to each drivers profile.


I realize that there would probably have to be an act of congress to get current laws changed to replace the mirrors, something that would most likely take years to accomplish, with much lobbying from the auto industry. But what’s to prevent installing the cameras now while leaving the old mirrors in place?

Moderator: The first Model X used cameras for mirrors, but Tesla quickly discovered that governments don’t like change and do not allow this. Your idea for both cameras and mirrors is clever, but the main reasons to get rid of the mirrors is to reduce CD (Coefficient of drag, to increase range).



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Snag is that it is not just the USA that has laws about rear facing mirrors.
Value of cameras even if mirrors are required by law is ability to show driver 360 degree view of environment - especially useful to the driver when conducting any maneuver other than driving straight ahead and potentially useful to the car for more automated features like self parking, lane keeping, and more.
Why not add cameras to the outside edge of the mirror reflective surface (so it does not increase the profile of the mirror assembly).  Implement that with the displays (left and right) to either side of the speedometer and everyone is happy - governments get to keep their 20th century mirrors and new Tesla owners have a much better view of what is around them.  I for one think the visibility of these cars is poor at best.