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Sunroof Shade/Block (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


Offer a pull shade/sun-block that can block the sun on the Pano roof. A big bonus if it can reduce sound and temperature transmission.


Available on many cars with sunroofs.


You can now order Model S roof sunshades from Tesla.

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I don't find my pano to increase heat at all.  But I live in temperate central CA.
Tesla offers a "pop-in" shade for the roof and back window as an accessory.  I got one for Xmas from my kids.  We'll see if it's needed in the summer in Phoenix :)
I have the sun shades and it works very well while driving down interstate 5 from Morgan Hill to LA.
Not needed.  I am a big fan of shade, and two long trips through the CA central valley with my pano roof, sun directly overhead, I find no need for this feature.