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Aux Programmable Power Outlets



Having additional 12 volt power outlets a couple of places could allow for powering gear like Dash Cameras, a fan in the back if there is a dog in a cage there, etc. They could possibly be programmable to allow/disallow drawing power when the car is powered off. That way the fan could cool a dog if the owner steps out for a minute, or allow a camera to keep working while car is parked. Or it could shut everything off to make sure power is not consumed.

Perhaps even an outlet for extra high beams (for whenever someone produces something that will work with the Tesla S, perhaps in the nosecone) that is controlled by high beams being on.

A plus would also have a tab for these options on the controls page, perhaps with an option to custom label the on/off switches.





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"...additional..." is a little vague without knowing how many there are now. Programmable might be a good feature. Never thought about it before?
A 110 volt sinewave inverter and outlet would be nice.
much needed for accessories that you want left on (like a dash cam or rear cam)
An addition or alternative to this might be a nanoUSB connector on the rearview mirror to power a dash cam. Or a built-in dash cam.