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AM Radio



Add an AM Radio (for M3 and new cars).


Some areas have no reception of cellphone,  WiFi,  satellite radio, nor FM radio, like in the mountains of the state of Colorado.  AM radio reception is the only source of weather, news, and emergency announcements in those areas.  Highway construction area broadcasts are only receivable on an AM radio.  Airports and tourist sites have local AM stations that broadcast parking and event information.  That information can only be received on an AM radio.  Many local sports broadcasts are blocked on Internet streaming and are only receivable on an AM broadcast radio.-


Requires new hardware and antennas (i.e. not a software change).

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Highway departments still use AM radio for important messages.
I like having A M radio I’m from old school
The rest of the world beyond California still enjoys the quaint services broadcast by AM radio.
AM has been closed the last 7 years in denmark, and most of the neighboring countries

that bandwidth is now relocated to long range data connections

so if I do a scan for a channel it will just loop forever