Cold Weather Options from App



Add controls to the app to turn on various HVAC and cold weather options such as heated seats, windshield defrost, wiper heater, rear windshield defrost, steering wheel heat, etc.


Would be nice in the midwest to be able to preheat all the cold weather package items before getting into Model S



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Definitively needed.
This suggestion is brilliant. Please, please Tesla improve the phone app for cold weather starting before the UK winter. I work 12 hour night shifts and to come out to a warm car at 06:00 hours in the morning would be lovely.

No1 Priority is to have a day/time selection for turning the pre-heating system on, this is especially important for me as I can't take my phone on to the work site. To set the heating to come on 15 minutes before I come out from work would be good. Obviously you can only have this function if the battery state is greater than say 40%, or what level we can set it too! I don't think  15 - 20 minutes will do much damage.

Seat heater set to Level 1, rear screen, side mirror defrost, windscreen defog would also be excellent additions.

Come on Tesla make my old bones nice and warm on  wintery mornings leaving work. Go, go ,go!
Please allow “heat seats” from app!! Much more effective at hearing the car than the cabin heat.
Please, please, please give us a heater off button. Or better yet give us a mode with 2 temp sliders like the Nest, with a low setpoint where the heater comes on and high setpoint where the AC comes on.

My range would be from 58-72, so any cabin temp in this range there would be no heat and no AC used, only Vent if I so desired.

This would save tons of energy worldwide, and save accidents for people fiddling with the HVAC controls while driving / Autopilot not enabled.a