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Allow auxiliary video input to console screen



Provide a way for end users to feed a video signal (s-video, composite, HDMI) to the large screen. Would be a great use for 3rd party add on like front video cameras but also other accessories like an Apple Airplay receiver like device, video out from other devices, or even video/ DVD players.


Suspect this will not occur due to liability issues as Tesla cannot control if users will play live video, games, etc. but note the rear view camera works currently during any drive mode, and the web browser is functional as well. Web browser doesn’t show web video however.

Other 3rd party av decks routinely have aux video in.



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In another suggestion, I asked if we could have an app (bluetooth) that would allow visible viewing of the 3rd row, kids and the temps in that area, via a GoPro. I know you can purchase gadgets that do the video and such, but it begins to look gaudy and tacky mounting these extra screens next to that big beautiful 17" screen. IMHO
Bad idea. We already have more than enough distractions to keep us from paying attention to doing what we're supposed to when we're behind the wheel. I also wonder what Would happen to insurance rates if such a "feature" was actually installed.
Being able to view the video from the camera on my trailer on the screen would be very useful.

I don't care if it's fed through Wifi, 2.4GHz radio link and composite AV in, bluetooth, or whatever; I'd even buy a Tesla camera for this.

Being able to see what's behind my trailer while backing up is essential, seeing what's behind me while driving can be useful.