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Adverse Charge Status Notification (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


I would like a two optional features regarding notification (SMS/txt/email) of adverse charge status:
a) a notification if there is a charge fault on the car (this has been mentioned in another post but it relates to b) below)
b) a notification if the car is at a known location (e.g. home) not plugged in for x minutes and below y charge remaining

The two problems I’ve had are waking up and my car not being charged due to a charge fault or I forgot to plug it in (too much of a hurry or on the phone getting out of the car). a) above addresses the former and b) the latter. a) should be be very easy to program b) might be a slightly more difficult than a but the code exists for charging levels based on gps so….

These features could be integrated with the smartphone app as push notifications but wouldn’t have to be. This could come directly from the car.


Can’t see this being terribly difficult


Implemented in an app update in 2015.

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Nothing could be worse that thinking one is ready to go and then finding out that the charge failed, especially when commitments have been made. This seems like a good approach to avoid that.
This is a MUST have feature add for the mobile app.
it may be implemented, but it's a useless implementation. The app notifications don't provide any actual notification as they don't make sound or vibrate.
the second portion of this suggestion is not implemented.  and I agree with that suggestion (Alert user via phone if past x hour of day ...e.g. 9pm and car not scheduled to charge and below a certain amount of rated miles...e.g. 100 miles).  I will open a separate suggestion for this if I can't find it in this forum already.
I'm not sure how the car detects a charge fault, but it's 2017 and we still experience problems. In our case, it is due to the charge process never actually starting....  We live in an area where electricity service is surprising poor (on the ocean in South Florida - laugh all you want, but it's true).

The constant outages and brown-outs seem to throw the hard-wired wall-mounted charger into an error state. Once you know it's hung in an error state, it's easy enough to go over to the device, hold the reset button and get it functional again.

Other times, the misses doesn't jam the plug in hard enough. It's an older 2013 model who's charge port fits a bit tighter than the new models.

Either way, there in lies the problem. Knowing....  I pull into the garage, pop the charge port, jam in the connector and walk away.  I don't wait around to the charging process to initiate... I shouldn't have to.

Wake up next morning, drive down road, and realize that the car never charged.

Why can't the car detect that something is plugged in to the chargeport and that it's not getting any juice? Fundamentally, this should be the first type of problem that the charging system detects and it should alert me that there is a problem!